Lisa Lane
51-702 Designing for Dynamic Interaction S98
Assignment 3 : February 3, 1998

Hamlet on the Holodek by Janet Murray : Chapter 4 Immersion

Qualities of Liminal or Immersive Objects/Experiences

In Hamlet on the Holodek Janet Murray states, "The enchantment of the computer creates for us a public space that also feels very private and intimate. In psychological terms, computers are liminal objects, located on the threshold between external reality and our own minds." She further states, "Immersive experiences possess the sensation of being surrounded by a completely other reality, that takes over all of our attention, our whole perceptual apparatus."

With these statements in mind, below are three qualities of liminal or immersive objects/experiences and examples from the web that illustrate these qualities:

The Boat People Connection is a site that allows boatpeople to share their experiences about their perilous escape to freedom.

SpaceZone is a site that allows users to explore Mars.

Does Jefferson Matter is a site that allows users to join some of America's leading thinkers as the continue Ken Burn's provocative exploration of Thomas Jefferson's life and legacy.