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A1 Research Direction
A2 Opportunity Framing
A3 Concept Development
A4 Second Iteration
A5 Final Presentation



First Iteration of Concept
[develop a series of concepts, then selected one for further refinement]

Team YoG decided to concentrate its design efforts on the deaf community. The initial design attempts to address both the manualists and oralists as well as supporting deaf to deaf, deaf to hearing, local, remote, text, video, and audio connections.

YoG use Scenarios:

Yog Form exploration - (see A3 Report)


The deaf user is not like me

Tuesday Oct 23
Team YoG maps products designed for the deaf and blind communities in order to gain a better understanding of the users and the currently available products.

Friday Oct 19
Team meets with West Penn School for Deaf
[minutes to be linked]

Wednesday Oct 17

Team meets with the Vision Center – Craig St.
[minutes to be linked]

Tuesday Oct 16
Team YoG brainstorms a 3G concept for the care-givers' community.

Assisting carees requires a network of people: nurse, doctor, family, teacher, and so on. The YoG Device can aid to this support network.

The following link shows our brainstorming process for this concept.
Concept Possibility "A" Identification (pdf)

Tuesday Oct 9/Thursday Oct 11
Through interviewing faculty, and observing and interacting with students at the Western PA School for Blind Children, Team YoG learns more about the users.
Following, we brainstormed a possible concept, Concept Possibility "A".

These images show some of our findings.

Also see www.wheelchairnet.org

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