Physics Haiku (Chapter 8 Reflections)


mosquito hits car
those unenlightened think SPLAT
we know "delta P"

Ernest Rutherford
The proof is in the pudding?
Grad student says no

Mick Jagger says best,
"Shadoobie, scattered, scattered.."
Physicist at heart?

Dan Hennessey laughs,
"That is a two beer problem."
Research? Perhaps not!

- Andrew W.

Harsh icy hail
hammers on the tall hills
but they remain

- Bryan


Hate between bodies
coexists with the headache
after the touch.

- Denia

You cannot kill an
Elephant with a B.B. gun
That's too elastic.

Physics is fruity -
Plum pudding model; what's next?
Strawberry field theory?

Huge collisions end
In orbiting bodies. What's
P? Wait till next chapter…

Physics is my life
Maybe I can still switch to
A business major.

- Dylan


The ball hits the wall
Delta p equals 2 p
momentum conserved

- Joe R.

Out of the dark night
Come the raindrops, rippling and
Waking the tranquil ocean

- Kristine


Momentum is conservéd;
We use this to find out
The velocity of the pion.

- Bunker

momentum and energy
working together to solve
many equations with many unknowns

- Erin


Thrown against his will,
Onto a mass of larger will (rest energy or mass),
He was thrown back;

Thrown onto a mass of lesser will (rest energy or mass),
He threw away the mass,
Without a change in his own skill (velocity);

But when thrown onto a mass of like will (mass),
He came back with half his skill (velocity),
Generously sharing it with the other mass.

- Rohit

A rolling stone
Besieged by (external) forces
Gathers momentum.

- Sarathi


impact parameter is small enough, no external forces,
momentum is conservered, nomatter what
angles two collide inelastically or elastically.

- Andreas

The Heavy collide
With the Light -- what happens now? Physics shall guide us.

Plum Pudding? Surely
Not! Nuclei and orbitals:
These create our world!

Universe defined
by collisions -- a world of
tiny billiards.

Center of system?
Center of the Universe?
It's all relative.

- Will


Courage shows the ping-pong ball as it goes skidding
Trying to push a heavy bowling ball that is resting
But as nature puts it, "You've got to be kidding".

- Yash

Together two people are whole
Their energy and happiness completel
Separately, although no happiness is lost, they are incomplete.

- Sara


I watch cartoons.
The coyote didn't do
Physics at CMU.

- Usmeet

Particles collide
The center avoids folly
To act is to conserve.

- Nick


Using collisions
We can find the nucleus
For a small atom

For an elastic
We know that kinetic is
Conserved for all

I am so hopeless
No more new fundamental
Where can I find peace

Alpha with a charge
Positive as repelled from
The gold nucleus

Add change momentum
Of system to change surround
And you get zero.

- Mike B.

Moving particle
Easily excited mass
Photon ejected

- Matt V.W.