From: Kenji Shimada []
Sent: Sunday, September 29, 2013 9:33 PM
To: 24688
Subject: 24-688: IMPORTANT: Quiz 2 10/3 (Thu)
Importance: High




We will have Quiz 2 on 10/3 (Thu) this has been pushed back from the original date, 10/1 (Tue).


Quiz 2 is the second of the four quizzes in 24-688, and it counts 8% of your total grade -- see for details.


Quiz 2 will be given during your computer cluster session at BH 140E.  You have 50 min to finish three problems:

-          Q2-1 (5 min): Free-hand drawing

-          Q2-2 (~20 min): Modeling of an injection-molded plastic part using Autodesk Inventor this is similar to PS3 and CP3.

-          Q2-3 (~20 min): Open an assembly file in Autodesk Inventor and constrain the components into place as instructed this is similar to PS4 and CP4.


In completing Q2-2 and Q2-3, you must use a cluster computer and finish all the work in BH 140E.  Make sure that you know how to upload files to your AFS hand-in directory.  Any files uploaded/modified after the end of your computer cluster session will receive no credit.


Good luck with your quiz preparation.


Kenji Shimada