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24-688: Introduction to CAD/CAE Tools

  Fall 2013   

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Lectures:  Thu 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM @ HH B103
Computer Cluster Hours: Tue and Thu, one-hour session between 10:30AM and 1:20PM
         Session A: 10:30AM-11:30AM @ BH 140E,  Session B: 11:30AM-12:30PM  @ BH 140E
         Session C: 12:30PM-  1:30PM @ BH 140E

 Scope of Course    




This course offers the hands-on training on how to apply modern CAD and CAE software tools to engineering design, analysis and manufacturing. In the first section, students will learn through 6 hands-on projects how to model complex free-form 3D objects using commercial CAD tools. In the second section, students will learn through 5 hands-on projects how to simulate complex multi-physics phenomena using commercial CAE tools. (An article about the course)

Level:   Introductory graduate course
Every week, we will have a 2-hour lecture on Thu, and
              two 1-hour computer cluster sessions on Tue and Thu.
Basic knowledge about
             solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer

 Learning Objectives   




After taking this course, students should be able to perform the following tasks using modern CAD and CAE software tools:

  - Describe the product development process 
- Express product design ideas using 2D digital sketches
  - Model a component with free-form surfaces
  - Model an assembly of components with kinematic linkages
  - Render and animate the appearance and functionality of a

   - Set up material properties, boundary conditions, meshes,
     and loading condition for engineering analyses
   - Perform linear structural analysis
   - Perform non-linear structural analysis
   - Perform computational fluid dynamics analysis
   - Perform multi-physics analyses

Teaching Staff    

Professor Kenji Shimada (Instructor)
     Office: Room 314, Scaife Hall
     Phone: 412.268.3614
     Email: shimada @ cmu.edu

Diego Andrade (TA)
  Email: diegoandrade @ gmail.com
Andre Sutanto (Tutor / Grader)
  Email: asutanto @ andrew.cmu.edu
Huan (Steve) Qin (Ttutor / Grader)
  Email: hqin @ andrew.cmu.edu
Haichao Xu (Tutor / Grader)
  Email: haichaox @ andrew.cmu.edu
Vijay Raman (Ttutor / Grader)
  Email: vijayr @ andrew.cmu.edu
Hakan Kavurt (Tutor / Grader)
  Email: hkavurt @ andrew.cmu.edu
Nan Gao (Ttutor / Grader)
  Email: nang @ andrew.cmu.edu
Songjie Zhong (Tutor / Grader)
  Email: songjie @ andrew.cmu.edu

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