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Reference Books

Principle of CAD/CAM/CAD
by Kunwoo Lee

Hardcover: 640 pages
Publisher: Prentice Hall;
1st edition (January 20, 1999)
ISBN: 0201380366

C++ from the Ground Up, Third Edition
by Herbert Schildt
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++
by Bjarne Stroustrup
The C++ Programming Language: Special Edition (3rd Edition)
by Bjarne Stroustrup
Engineering Computation with MATLAB (2nd Edition)
by David M Smith
C++ Complier
Microsoft Visual Studio

Bloodshed Software Dev-C++

Python Programming Language - Official Website
If you do not have MALAB on your computer, download the package from Carnegie Mellonís Computing Serviceís web page
Unix and AFS How to submit files to your hand-in directory on AFS
About AFS
Commonly used UNIX commands
Unix tutorials for beginners
STL A Free STL File Viewer

Meshlab (http://meshlab.sourceforge.net/)  <= Use this
  SolidView/Lite (http://www.solidview.com/svlite.html)

STL file format


Virtual Reality Modeling Language 2


Viewing VRML files

Sample VRML2 (or VRML97) Objects

Printing out VRML image on Windows and Unix/X-Window

Windows users can print out your VRML image in the following way: 

  • make the viewer window active (by clicking on anywhere on the viewer window)

  • type [Alt]+[PrintScreen] -- this will capture the screen image to the clipboard

  • paste the image on the clipboard into a Word document, PowerPoint, or any image/graphics editors -- this can be done by [Ctrl]+[v], or by the "paste" command under the "edit" menu.

Unix/X-Window users can use the "xv" command to capture a screen image.

VRML2 (or VRML97) Language Specification

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