24-672: DIY Design and Fabrication

  Spring 2024   

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Lectures:  Mon and Wed 12:00 PM - 1:50 PM
                 @ Scaife Hall 234
Studio Locations: TechSpark

Level:   Introductory graduate course


 Scope of Course        

The traditional principles of mass production are being challenged by concepts of highly customized and personalized goods. A growing number of do-it-yourself (DIY) inventors, designers, makers, and entrepreneurs is accelerating this trend.

This class offers students hands-on experiences of DIY product design and fabrication processes. Over the course of a semester, students work individually or in small groups to design a customized and personalized product of their own and build it using various DIY fabrication methods, including 3D laser scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, etc. Students develop multiple prototypes throughout the semester, iterating and refining their design.

Students are expected to spend 6 ~7 hours a week for hands-on design, prototyping, and report generation. The hands-on work is complemented by two 110 min lectures a week, reading assignments on design and manufacturing as well as guest talks on DIY design and fabrication. Students are expected to document and share their work online for feedback and suggestions from other students (potential customers).





Class meets 110 minutes twice a week. Students are expected to spend ~9 hours a week for reading, hands-on work, reporting, and meeting with the teaching staff.


Teaching Staff  

Prof. Kenji Shimada (Instructor)
   Office: Room B06, Scaife Hall
   Email: shimada @

Aman Chulawala (TA)
  Email: achulawa @
Kristin Kye (TA)
  Email: kkye @
Amanda Witt (TA)
  Email: aewitt @
  Justin Soza Soto (TA)
    Email: jsozasot @
Melody Chu (TA)
  Email: mmchu @
  Nicole Monaco (TA)
    Email: nmonaco @

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