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24-311  NUMERICAL METHODS  Fall 2003   

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You will earn bonus points by completing the first section of Mechanical Engineering ANSYS Web Tutorial.  See the grading information in the [Course Info] page.


Download all the Mathcad files: (361Kb) => operator.pdf, si-units.pdf, arrow.pdf, greek.pdf,, and

Reference Tables

  • Operator table: this is a handy summary of Mathcad operators with keystrokes.
    Download the table: (181KB) => operator.pdf (1,811KB)
  • SI units table: this is a list of pre-defined SI units in Mathcad.
    Download the table: (60KB) => si-units.pdf (1,208KB)
  • Arrow and movement key table: this is a list of how to move in a Mathcad document using arrow keys and other keystrokes.
    Download the table: (66KB) => arrow.pdf (606KB)
  • Greek letter table: this is a list of Greek letters and how to type them in Mathcad.
    Download the table: (31KB) => (608KB)

Help Files on Vectors and Matrices


Virtual Reality Modeling Language 2

Viewing VRML files on Windows, use either:

Sample VRML2 (or VRML97) Objects

  • Sample file from PS1 "canvas.wrl."      wpe4.jpg (8257 bytes)
  • More sample files from Problem Sets (click on the pictures below)

  • Fun objects:   Bus  |  Coffee Maker  |  Snowman

Printing out VRML image on Windows and Unix/X-Window

Windows users can print out your VRML image in the following way: 

  • make the viewer window active (by clicking on anywhere on the viewer window)
  • type [Alt]+[PrintScreen] -- this will capture the screen image to the clipboard
  • paste the image on the clipboard into a Word document, PowerPoint, or any image/graphics editors -- this can be done by [Ctrl]+[v], or by the "paste" command under the "edit" menu.

Unix/X-Window users can use the "xv" command to capture a screen image.

VRML2 (or VRML97) Language Specification

More VRML2 (or VRML97) Information


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