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Plate with Hole




I. Starting ProEngineer

Open an xterm window. Type the following in xterm to open ProEngineer 15.

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II. Set Up the Drawing Environment


MAIN ->Environment

Datum Planes

MODE -> Part

Three Datums should appear on the screen.

To Enter the Drawing Environment

FEAT -> Create

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III. Drawing the Part

SKETCHER -> Sketch

When drawing a line, the LEFT mouse button starts and selects the endpoints of lines. The CENTER mouse button actually stops the continuation of more lines. Draw a box that is symmetric to the datums. Click on the left mouse button to start a line at the point at which you want to start, and click the LEFTmouse button again at the end of the line. When you are completely finished drawing the box, click the CENTER mouse button to stop drawing lines.

The next step is to draw the hole.


Click on the bottom right corner of the box, then pull the pointer to one space to the left and click, then move the pointer to the right vertical line one space above the corner and click. Click the middle mouse button to stop drawing arcs.

SKETCHER -> Geom Tools

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IV. Dimensioning the Part

SKETCHER -> Dimension

Click (LEFT button) on the top line, then click (CENTER button) just above the line.

Click (LEFT button) on the left line, then click (CENTER button) just left of the line.

Click (LEFT button) on the bottom line, then click (LEFT button) on Datum 2, then click (CENTER button) just below the box

Click (LEFT button) on the right line, then click (LEFT button) on Datum 1, then click (CENTER button) to the right of the box.

Click (LEFT button) on the arc, move slightly away, then click (CENTER button).

SKETCHER -> Regenerate

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V. Modifying the Dimensions

SKETCHER -> Modify

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VI. Exporting the Drawing

In order to view the drawing in Ansys, the drawing must be exported.

MAIN -> Change Window

Click on the drawing.

If you want to keep the same name, just hit enter.

In EXPORT OPTS, make sure that surfaces is checked.

The text window will respond, "IGES file has been created."

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VII. Exit ProEngineer

MAIN -> Exit

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Follow this link to proceed to the Ansys instructions.


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