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Fall 2015

General Information

About the Course

This course introduces the basic concepts, ideas and tools involved in doing mathematics. As such, its main focus is on presenting informal logic, and the methods of mathematical proof. These subjects are closely related to the application of mathematics in many areas, particularly computer science. Topics discussed include a basic introduction to elementary number theory, induction, the algebra of sets, counting, equivalence relations, congruences, partitions, and functions. NOTE: students must achieve a C or better in order to use this course to satisfy the pre-requisite for any subsequent course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Construct logically correct proofs using basic proof techniques such as proof by contradiction.
  • Deploy basic problem solving strategies.

For a detailed sequence, see the lecture schedule.

Meeting Times

Aug 31 - Dec 11
Mon, Wed, Fri
10:30AM - 11:20AM, PH 100
01:30PM - 02:20PM, DH 2315
02:30PM - 03:20PM, DH 2315


none (other than a willingness to work hard!)


Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Mathematics
by Brendan W. Sullivan
The book will be available to you in an electronic form (PDF) free of charge