17614 ESIS - Project Website Instructions

This website will be maintained by ALL members of the project. To update this website, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the file to the webserver
    $ scp SomeFile.tbd unix.andrew.cmu.edu:~/.
    $ ssh unix.andrew.cmu.edu
    $ cd /afs/andrew.cmu.edu/course/17/614/www/M05_17614/artifacts
    $ cp ~/SomeFile.tbd .
  2. Publish the changes you've made
    1. Click here to open a new UserWeb KWPublish window
    2. select the update course website option
    3. Enter the course number of 17-614
    4. Click the publish button
  3. Refresh the browser window to the class project web pages to test the changes you made
  4. Close the 'UserWeb KWPublish' windodw when done

For more instructions - check here