15-498 Course Staff


Gregory Kesden
GHC 7711
(412) 268-1590
Schedule w/Office Hours

Sometimes I can be found as gkesden@AIM, gkesden@MSN, gkesden@skype, gkesden@GTalk, or gkesden@yahoo

All of my phone numbers forward to my cell phone. Please feel free to call any time -- I generally turn it off when it's inconvenient to answer.

Teaching Assistants

  • TBD
  • Office hours:
    • TBD
    • Or, by appointment

Mailing List

Although you are welcome to email individual members of the course staff, it is very helpful for you to email the entire course staff with any concern. It gets you the fastest possible answer and helps keep the entire course staff tuned to your needs and on the same page. To facilitate this, we've create a mailing list that spams the entire course staff: