Evolution of a Game:

Version 0.1: We've got a car model loaded and sitting on a plane, yeah! Check out those cool transparent windows.

Version 0.2: Car sitting on a plane and a completely black, flat, city sitting off in the background and rotated the wrong direction. This shot also shows off our nifty new skydome with 2-layer animated sky and stars which changes from night to day. Also it seems those stupid debug messages are gone...

Version 0.3: City is looking a lot better now, and the lighting looks good. Only problem is those black boxes around the trees and white things in the upper right. Car is nowhere to be seen (sitting on plane beneath city) and the stupid debug messages are back. Skydome also seems to have disappeared...

Version 0.4: City seen from ground-level and the car appears to be sitting on the road (but its really not, its all faked just for the image). I think we've seen enough of those debug messages...

Version 0.5: Car is actually resting on the geometry after lots of translations and rotations... collision seems to be working well.

Version 0.5D: Same shot but with debug lines turned on, so as to prove that the car is actually colliding with the object and not faked (note gray boxes are the actual colliding surfaces, everything else is bounding box/sphere).

Version 0.6: Managed to push the car around so that the rear wheels and front wheels rest on different geoms. Collision seems to be working well.

Version 0.7: A screen shot taken in full-screen mode which shows the LOD city in the background and some messed up textures on the garage floor. Moments later the car was seen flying through the air after taking the jump.

Version 0.99: Cars don't normally get up this high... This shot shows off some nifty LOD models and is running at about 40FPS.

Version 0.99D: Same shot with debug info, which is not very useful any more... running at about 0.1FPS.