15-493 Game Programming
Chobits - Screen Shots


Chii the magical teapot roams Tokyo, a very small city, which is full of other teapots

The menu at the beginning of the game.

Many players, but only two recieve input.


You can recieve messages, which appear when events determined by the level files occur.

Luisa's one eyed pirate bikini babe. No, Luisa really is responsible for this! It's the girl on the team who keeps adding scantily clad women and picked panties for the theme.


They actually look like buildings now. On the left, you can see Chii is being menaced by a gigantic body piercing ring.


Two players battling. They glow while attacking. One has taken damage.

New chii model with long fluffy dress and persocon ears, and david's new map of Toykyo city based on the anime. oOh ya new skybox...


This is what you see when you start up.

Chii wanders around Tokyo.

Chatting with an npc.

Cross the street!.

A good view, and Chii's new ride.