15-493 Game Programming
Chobits - Postmortem

Game: Chobits
Team: David and Luisa


Chobits is an adventure game based on anime series of the same title. Each level is an episode or scene from the anime. We try to follow the story as mush as possible, sequence of events that according in the story, and the map of the town story took place in. The first level we designed is based on episode 4, where Chii goes to buy panties for Hideki. You walk around in town, your mini persocon friend guid you toward your goal, you can also talk to NPCs and try to find your way to the panty store. There is also a battle mode (2 players), where Chii fights her sister, the Black Chii.
Features include single and multiplayer mode (battle mode), data driven design (level, event, cut scene, map, npc, input), 3D world (based on the original story), animated walking 3D characters, location based event trigger, collision detection, minimap, dialog boxs.
You control the main character with keyboard, default mapping for single player is
forward - 8
backward - 5
turn left - 4
turn right - 6
look up - -
look down - +
camera control : w, s, a, d, r, f, t, g
camera toggle - b
action - n
attack - m

Development summary:

Key technical challenges:


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