15-493 Computer Game Programming
Final Project - Chobits


Welcome to Chobits game's project webpage!

Chobits is an adventure game based on anime series of the same title. [There is already an official game on GBA, but it's 2D and sucks]. We plan to design a few levels based on parts of the actual story, ie episode 4 where Chii goes to buy panties for Hideki, another episode where Chii goes to the bookstore to buy her favorite book [or was it to buy "dish" for Hideki], or Chii goes to the bakery to work [maybe the time she got kidnaped]. If we have time, we might have a battle mode between the cute Chii and her sister, Black Chii [that's where Chii shows her true power, muhahaha].

If anyone is able to understand our data files format and have seen the anime them selves, feel free to design your own levels. Anyway drop us a line ^^

Update: The project is dead, and we can't distribute the game. Details below.

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Chobits is no longer under development, but if you're interested:

Chobits only runs under linux. It is incomplete and not ready for general publication. It is no longer on any public servers, since hal9000.res.cmu.edu no longer exists. If you really want a copy special arrangements will have to be made, email dseneker@andrew.cmu.edu.

Update 5/31/2005: We don't have a license to publish with the Chobits copyright and the game is quite unfinished (you're not missing out on that much) so we're not going to pursue a license. The game is unavailable to people outside the game dev course, sorry. (yes years after the course ended, we somehow got to be #1 result on the google search for "chobits game" and two people have emailed me in the last few days alone, so the site is seeing its first update in two years!)

If you have the source, you'll have to do this to get it to run on a wean graphics lab machine:
Copy the chobits.tar.gz file to /usr/tmp
gunzip and tar -xvf
cd chobits ; make
./chobits ./data/game.txt

If you want to put it somewhere other than /usr/tmp, the executable can be run anywhere but the paths to the data files all point to /usr/tmp. If you get an error about a c++ .so file, type setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local/lib

Note that this is not a final version. Consider this a beta.
Current version: Beta 0.3. Note that this is a development version, and anything can break. Level two is incomplete, and the README is not for you to read. Ignore it!

This is the last version that will be developed, since we're using other projects (particularly ones that don't use any company's copyrighted characters) to try technology that was on the Chobits to do list. In case anyone's interested I'll post a link to the those if any web pages get set up.

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Site Log:
12-03-02 Site up, with comment box ^___^
12-04-02 Screenshots up, demo available on afs
12-07-02 New demo up weee~, control is not so intuitive (maybe we should provide help file? if anyone cares...)
12-11-02 moved data files back into cvs, so no more demo T__T
12-16-02 Updating the page with screenshots, and archiving the code. Chobits Beta 0.1 is now available for download.
3-02-03 A new version has been released. This is a development version, beware. Several new features and optimizations are in.
4-??-03 Forgot to update the web page when this happened back in April...A new version was done, level 2 was working except for some art and the events. Other random updates too, not that it matters now.
6-30-03 Somebody (Apparently non-CMU, did they get to this page from google or something?) actually emailed us asking about the project, so the web page is being updated. Development is over, see the text above.
5-31-05 Never thought the site would be online let alone updated in 2005. Amazingly, it still works.