15-493 Game Programming
Chobits - Design Document

Game Name: Chobits
Development Team: David Seneker (dseneker@andrew.cmu.edu) Dan (Luisa) Lu (danl@andrew.cmu.edu)
Game Description: Chobits is based on the anime series of the same name. The players control the persocons (humanoid robots) Chii and Sumomo as they carry out missions for their owner, Hideki. The objective is to create an entertaining game for one or more players while maintaining the spirit of the anime. The game will run on the cluster machines, and maybe something else.

Game Features:

Technical Features:

Multiple sets of functions to handle camera logic, physics, input methods, and world modeling styles to differentiate levels. The logic is chosen dynamically when a level loads, according to the level description file. For example, one level might have an interface like Diablo II, but the next plays like a first person shooter.

Implementation Plan: Original source code and content for Chobits will include the following:

Source code and content acquired and used from outside sources include the following:

Starter code provided for the class in previous labs

Schedule: The Chobits project will begin in November of 2002 and is planned to be completed in 5 weeks to meet a December 2002 rollout. The major milestones of the project are the following:

Tue Oct 29:   Project Announced
    Game Design
    Start Coding
Fri Nov 01: Wk0_____________________________________
Tue Nov 05:   Design Documentation Due
Thu Nov 07:   * Midterm *
    Read files and data
    Display Intro
    Basic Control
Fri Nov 08: Wk1_____________________________________
Wed Nov 13:   * Lab 3 Due *
    Render world
    Load 3DS and other objects
    Game loop
Fri Nov 15: Wk2_____________________________________
    Camera controls
    Collision detection
    World interaction?
    Level 1 done and playable
Fri Nov 22: Wk3_____________________________________
Tue Nov 26:   Project Review Due (check into CVS)
Wed Nov 27:   * Thanksgiving break start *
    Design other levels
    Add features and effects
Fri Nov 29: Wk4_____________________________________
Sun Dec 01:   * Thanksgiving break end *
    Feature freeze
    Play and Debug
Fri Dec 06: Wk5_____________________________________
Mon Dec 09:   * Final week start *
Fri Dec 13:   Project Demo

Detailed TODO list:

lvl file
read file
set input control
set other options (chi, light, num players?)

course map
load map
build world (quad tree)
make general obj
load 3ds obj

mini map
load and draw
draw chi location

AI and game loop
animate obj
collision detection
check interaction

camera control
3rd person detached (mario 64)
first person attached (FPS)

lvl design
make intro screen
design dialog?
grab texture
make 3DS models and other objs

Example levels:
lvl 1 - Buy panties
Map is the town
(control Sumomo, who indirectly controls Chi)
Walk from home to the lingerie store
Get distracted by various related objects in town
ie: posters, girls, panty truck

lvl 2 - Buy Chi's favorite book (second trip to book store)
Map is the book store
(control Chi directly)
Walk around the book store, find THE book
Also buy magazines for hideki (dishes)

lvl 3 - Going to work (normal or the second kidnap)
Map is the town
Walk from home to work
Get distracted by the book, and some other stuff

lvl 4 - After the first encounter with black chi
Map is the town at night
walk/fly around town and find Hideki
Shut down normal persocons close to you
(what about multiple chi?)

Course file: (predefined objects)

map of the level
starting location
goal (location/object) : ie store, book
mini goals (distraction) : car, posters, other books, people
animated object (non interactive) : people on the street

Level file:

course file with associated mini map (bitmap)
texture for general objects (ie building, book case)
3ds model for special objects

input method per camera control
direct chi mode / sumomo mode
3rd person / 1st person

chi mode (super chi, see lvl 4)
scene light setting (see lvl 4)

-the end-