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Chobits - About the Anime


Chobits is a manga[Japanese Comic] by CLAMP, made into anime[Japanese Animation/Cartoon]. It was aired in Japan Fall 2002.


The story is about a 19 year old boy, Hideki, who is trying to get into college. He arrives in Tokyo, where people have lots of persocons [personal computer], humanoid robots that can do anything after installing the necessary software packages. Being the poor student that he is, he can't afford one, but very luckily he found Chii in a trash dump. It turns out Chii is a legendary persocon, of the Chobits series, that does not need any OS or software to function-in fact she has a mind of her own. She is so powerful that she drained the whole city's power source in one charge. She can also disable any normal persocon that is close to her, and fly around when she is bewildered. After finding Chii, many things happened. Hideki and Chii made lots of new friends, both humans and persocons. Throughout the story, as the mystery of Chobits unfolds, Chii also learned many things, like shopping, working, and this little thing called feeling.