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August 24, 2010 (Lecture 1)

Procedural Stuff

Welcome to 15-415 Databases!

Today we covered mostly the procedural stuff which can be found on-line. If you didn't make it to class, you want to be particularly careful to get a copy of the syllabus from this Web site and give it a read.

The real fun starts next class, but for now, let me emphasize the most important thing from today's lecture: We're here to help.

Upcoming Project: Swing or AWT Required

The first project will be the construction of a database application in Java. In addition to a batch interface for testing, it will need a GUI interface that provides a warm-and-fuzzy feeling approximating that of a beloved teddy bear.

You guys are already well-versed in the syntax and sematics of Java. But, you are probably not well versed in developing Java GUI applications. So, you really want to take this week and learn to write GUIs in Java. We won't be teaching this, because there are no great ideas -- just learning a library. So, go to it guys: Learn Swing and/or AWT.

There are some great tutorials on the Web, including (but not limited to) these: