Homework 17 - The Collectors, Part II
Due: Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

The Assignment

This assignment asks you to simulate a "Show and Sale", where the Collectors exhibit their Collectables as well as buy and sell Collectables from each other.

You should simulate this event by allowing the user to read in as many CollectionLists as they'd like.

Then, you should allow the user to simulate the event. This method causes collectors to buy and sell from each other, according to their own buy and sell rules for each Collectable. Once this method executes, you should allow the user to select a collector and display two things:

  1. The net amount of money spent or collected during the show
  2. The collection after the show.

Implementation Suggestions

You can solve this problem however you'd like. But, we'd like to make some suggestions. Specifically, we'd like to suggest creating a ShowAndSale class and a Menu class. The Menu class should be pretty straight-forward -- it is the class with that exhibits the menu and has the main() method.

The ShowAndSale class will likely be very rich. We'd like to suggest the following components and algorithms: