Homework 3 - Class skeletons with Inheritance
Due: Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Your last assignments focused on understanding how methods are invoked and how objects interact, including interface specifications. Now, we are going to move in the direction of programming.

This assignment asks you to write and compile three class skeletons. Your next assignment, after we review this on Wednesday, will be to fully implement each class.

Please think very carefully about the relationship between each of these classes, the type of each characteristic, the access specifier for each characteristic, and what the behaviors and constructors should be.

The Three Classes: EmployeeRecord, BusinessCard, and AnnualReview

An EmployeeRecord is a class designed to serve as the base for specific types of employee records. It has the following properties:

A BusinessCard is a special type of EmployeeRecord:

An AnnualReview is a special type of EmployeeRecord: