Lab 3 - ProductReview
Due: Thursday, February 14 at 11:59pm
(Finish early or your Valentine might be disappointed.)


This lab is designed to give you some experience with user input as well as with implementing a program that involves more than one class.

The ProductReview class

You should implement a class with the following properties:

The Test Driver

As has been the case in the past, the ProductReview class should contain a main() method that acts as a thorough test driver

The InteractiveTest class

In addition to the ProductReview class, you should implement an InteractiveTest class. This class should contian nothing more than a main method. This main method should be interactive. It should prompt the user for a product name, star rating, and comment. It should then, consistent with this input, initialize an instance of the ProductReview class, rate it, and add a comment. It should print out the newly prepared object to prove that it works. Please note: the user should be appropriately prompted for all input.

About Multiple main() Methods

Multiple main() methods can exist. In this case, we have two: One within the ProductReview class and another within the InteractiveTest class. Each of these classes needs to be compiled. Either one at a time or on the same command line. But, only one of the two main methods needs to be run. So, "java ProductReview" will run the test driver, but "java InteractiveTest" will run the simple program that solicits input from the user in order to create the ProductReview.