Lab #5: Tetris

Table of Contents

  • Building Tetris
    1. Design overview
    2. Creating and drawing the board
    3. Creating and drawing the fallingPiece
    4. Moving the fallingPiece left/right/down
    5. Rotating the fallingPiece
    6. Dropping and Placing the fallingPiece and handling Game-Over
    7. Removing full rows, keeping score, and playing MIDI
    8. More ideas
  • To handin, please submit a file called in a numbered folder for versioning, as before.

    If you want to add any of the suggestions from the 'More ideas' page, you may do so for possible extra credit. Please submit your working, basic tetris file,, and submit a second file called

    Also note: For your, you MUST follow our instructions. There are other, possibly better, ways to accomplish the same end, but for our sanity while grading, we will expect to see the functions described in the tutorial. If you do not follow these directions, you may lose points.

    If you want to try it a different way, because you think you've come up with a better solution, feel free to change the code and submit it as part of your

    Due Friday, July 26th, 2013, 11:59pm

    Credit: Many thanks to Dave Kosbie (koz -at- for this lab.