Lab 1 - Getting Started
Due: Friday, May 23th at 11:59pm


This is just a quick lab to make sure everyone is getting started with Python. It gives you some experience with console input, loops, strings, integers and floats, &c

The Assignment

Please create a Python program in a file called, "". Please make sure that it runs correctly on the unix.andrew machines. We'll explain how to turn it in on Friday.

In this file, you should perform the following tasks in Python:

  1. Prompt the user for their name and print the name
  2. Prompt the user for two numbers, print both numbers on the same line
  3. Use a loop to print out the numbers from 1 through 10, inclusive
  4. Prompt and read two floating point numbers from the user and print the number with the greatest absolute value. Print "Tie" if the absolute values are equal.
  5. Prompt and read two integer numbers from the user and use a loop to computer the average of all numbers between these two numbers, inclusive. Please note -- there is no requirement that the user supply the numbers in any particular order, e.g. smallest to largest or otherwise. You may, of course, use an "if statement" within or before the loop.
  6. Use "nested loops" a loop within a loop, to print a "Times table" chart for the numbers between 0 and 10. You might want to think about how a ,-comma can be used in a print statement and recall our discussion about indetation.

Handing In Your Solution

Solutions should be handed in via AFS: