15-112 Lecture 1 (Monday, May 20, 2013)

Procedural Information

Today was mostly procedural and general discussion. The course policy documentation, &c, is already on the Web:

Why Are We Here?

We spoke a lot today about what I love about computers, computer science and programming. The upshot is that I think computers are the most wonderful machines on earth. Traditionally, a car just drives. And phone just makes calls. And an elevator just goes up and down. But, computers are machines that can be anything. They can be whatever we want them to be -- as long as we know how to program and otherwise solve problems by computer.

You see...for those who can't program...computer are anything that someone else wants them to be. But, for those who can program, and understand enough of the science of computing to solve the problems they want to solve -- a computer can be their dreams. It can be a life-saving medical device, a flight simulator -- or a robotic piloting system. Or a game. Or the Web. Or, or, or.

The sky...or at least the world of technology...belongs to programmers.

The Most Important Thing

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