15-111 Course Staff


Gregory Kesden
8020 Wean Hall
(412) 268-1590
Schedule w/Office Hours

Sometimes I can be found as gkesden@AIM, gkesden@GTalk, gkesden@MSM, or gkesden2@yahoo

All of my phone numbers forward to my cell phone. Please feel free to call any time -- I generally turn it of when inconvenient to answer.

Recitation Instructors

  • TBA

Course Assistants

  • Simon Markowski (smarkows@andrew.cmu.edu)
  • Alex Katkova (okatkova@andrew.cmu.edu)
  • Thomas Tuttle (ttuttle@andrew.cmu.edu)
  • Rauhit Ashar (rashar@andrew.cmu.edu)
  • Office hours: (in the Wean 5419 cluster)
    • Mon-Thurs 7-10