Lab 6 - BinaryTree Practice
Due: Monday, March 23, 11:59PM

The Assignment

This is a pretty straight forward lab. We're providing you with a very minimal BinaryTree class. We're also giving you a description of a few methods. Please implement these methods within this BinaryTree class.

You do not need to turn in your test driver. But, needless to say, you want to write you. You want to create a few different trees and test each method with them. Think of common special cases, such as single item trees, empty trees, and treees that are also lists. Also think about special cases pertinent to the particular method -- and a few random and balanced trees. Rememebr that, if you pay your cards right, you'll bve able to reuse the code that creates the trees to test more than one method.

The Methods

The methods you need to write are described within the BinaryTree.html JavaDoc.

The Source File

Please begin with the source file.