Lab 12: Chatting with RMI

The Chatroom Lab

Please pull down the Chatroom source zip file. It contains the skeletons, &c. Please also, as with the last lab, pull down a copy of a compiled example for reference.

Basically, what we'd like you to do is this. First, review the code and make sure you've got the "big picture" of how it works -- but, keep in mind, understanding each detail isn't necessary.

Second, we removed most of the major pieces of RMI code from the solution and replaced them with comments -- add them back and get it working again. Third, and this is the really fun part, expand the programs capabilities by adding new features. For example, the ability to send pictures and sounds to the group (Hint here: start by being able to pop them up or make them play on your own system).

Another idea is to add a "person-to-person" chat, in addition to the group chat. I'd begin this by adding a selectable list of members to the client's GUI, and then I'd add functionality to the server to send an individual client a reference to another client's object.

There are tons of possibilities here. Be creative. And, remember, we're here to help.

And, to give credit where credit is due, the example chat room solution was written by Dattaraj Rao.