Homework 1 - Arrays, Regex, and Then Some
Due: Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This assignment is designed to reinforce your understanding of arrays, Regex, loops, and Java, in general.

It asks you to build a Library Card Catalog class capable of holding an unknown number of cards. The Card Catalog has a few simple behaviors, which are described below. It also asks you to develop a Menu class which should contain the main() method and provide the user with a menu allowing the user to exercise all of the features of the Card Catalog class.

The Card Class

Each Card should have the following information about the book it describes.

The Card Catalog Class

Each Card Catalog should allow the user to store Cards. The user can add, remove, and access books as described below. Also note that the array should GROW when the array is full!

The Menu Class

The menu should provide the user with the option of creating a new Card Catalog, and then of adding, removing indididual books, or of printing a list of all books within the Card Catalog.