Handing in Your Assignments

These instructions assume that you have created a symbolic link in your andrew space. This was covered in class on Wednesday, January 20 in class..

Do the first four parts BEFORE you export your program to make the applet.
1. -- Write your code, debug it, check its execution against the specification list in the homework document. You do not want to lose points for easily avoidable mistakes.

2. -- Save your work.

3. -- Open the folder that has the .pde file and delete any .pdf or .doc or ,docx files or any Applet folders.

4. -- Open your file transfer program as explained in class..
Transfer your entire homework folder from your computer to the appropriate folder in your handin directory.
Do not alter the name of the folder or files inside the folder.
Do not compress or zip the folder.
Do not delete any files inside the folder.

5. -- With your program file open in Processing, go Processing's file menu and select the Export option.
This action creates a folder named applet inside your homework folder. This applet folder will be used to display your work.
DO NOT CHOOSE Export Application.

6. -- Open your homework folder and find the applet folder. Change the name of the applet folder to:
applet1 for homework 1, applet2 for homework 2, ... (you get the idea).

7. -- Using the file transfer program, transfer only the applet folder to your www folder in your andrew space

8. -- Edit your master copy of portfolio.html on your computer so it will link to the new applet folder.

9. -- Transfer the revised portfolio.html file from you computer to your andrew space. This will destroy the older version on andrew.

10. -- Go to Publish and publish your web page so the world can see it.

That's it -- only ten easy steps...

If you decied to edit your program and re-submit it, you must delete the applet folder before handing in the new folder. The applet folder is HUGE and if too many of the class turn in applet folders in their handin folders, we will run out of disk space. DO NOT TURN IN APPLET FOLDERS!