15-102 Calendar

This calendar changes frequently throughout the term and may be a day or two out of date.
The book for 15-102 is the same book Jim used for the last two years:.
----- Learning Processing by Daniel Shiffman ----

Week/Day ---Monday-- -Tuesday- -Wednesday- ---Thursday-- --Friday--
Week #1

May 16 Reading for today:
Learning Processing: pp ix through xvii
Chapter 1 pp 3 through 16
Chapter 2 pp 17 through 29
Processing API Shape 2D and Color-Setting functions

A Very Brief Course overview.

Homework 1 assigned and discussed

May 17

Homework 1 print due at start of class.

Reading for today:
Board Notes bn01 and bn03
Chapter 3 pp 31 through 38
Chapter 4 pp 45 through 54
Processing API beginShape, endShape, and curveVertex functions

Discuss your experience coding homework 1.

Adding flexibility (and complexity) to your code.
First look at types int and float
Variables, arithmetic and expression evaluation in Processing

Functions beginShape( ), curveVertex( ), and endShape( );

Homework 2 assigned and discussed.

May 18

Revisit Tuesday:
- arithmetic
- expression evaluation
- using expressions as arguments
- planning the next assignment

May 19
Homework 2 print due at the start of class.
Reading for today:
Chapter 14 pp 227 through 245
Processing API pushMatrix, popMatrix, box, and sphere functions

Finish up work from Wednesday.
Working in three dimensions.

Homework 3 assigned and discussed.

May 20
Reading AND tasks for today:
- read over the course web page, "Getting FTP and SSH Software for Handin"
- download the (Windows) SSH or the (Mac) Fetch software as explained
- download and expand the folder atthe link "Portfolio Template"
- read over the course web page, "Instructions for Editing the Portfolio Template"

Questions on 3-D space and HW3 Creating a link from your Andrew space to the course Andrew space
Maintaining the portfolio
Handing in your work

Week #2 May 23

Reading for today:
Chapter 4 pp 45 through 55
Chapter 7 pp 101 through 119

Board notes bn05
Class code set05

Look at variables again

Defining our own functions

Homework 4 assigned and discussed.

May 24

Reading for today:
Board notes bn06 and bn07
Class code set06
Chapter 3 pp 31-38
Chapter 4 pp45-57
Revisit Monday
Questions on HW4
First look at animation

May 25

Reading for today:
Board notes bn08
Review board notes bn06 and bn07

A little more arithmetic
Second look at animation

Exam 1 overview

Homework 5 assigned and discussed.

May 26
Reading for today:
Chapter 5: pp 59-73
Board notes bn09

Questions on HW5

May 27
Reading for today:
Review yesterday's readings
Board notes bn10

Questions on HW5

Mouse and Keyboard input

The dist( ) function

Week #3 May 30

Memorial Day
Class does not meet today

May 31

HW 1, 2, 3, and 4 must be on the web and in your handin folder by 4:30 p.m. today or they will receive grades of zero.

Reading for today:
Board notes bn11: Control #3
Class code set 09

More Mouse and Keyboard input

The map( ) function

June 1
Writting a more complex program

Homework 6 assigned and discussed.

June 2
Reading for today: Chapter 6 pp: 81-87
Board Notes bn12: The && and || operators; the while loop
Class Code set 10

Exam 1 Questions

Homework #6 Questions

Review the && and the || operator
Iteration #1: the while loop

June 3
Exam 1
Written and On-Line
Bring your computer and power source
#4 June 6
Reading for today:
Chapter 6: pp 87-95
Chapter 9: pp: 141-153
Board Notes bn13
Class Code Set 11

Go over exam 1

while loop
for loop

Arrays #1

June 7
Reading for today:
Revisit Shiffman Chap 6 and 9 from Monday
Board Notes bn14A, bn14B, bn14C
Class Code Set 12

Arrays #2:
- using arrays
- arrays as arguments and return types

June 8
Reading for today:
Board Notes bn15
class Code set 13

Using data in the array:
- Drawing a graph

Homework 7 assigned and discussed.
Project 1 assigned and discussed.
Project 2 assigned and discussed.
Return Exam 1

June 9
Reading for today:
Class code set 14

Using data in the array:
- revisit the graph
- revisit other array "ideas"

June 10
Reading for today:
class code set 15
Data Animation
#5 June 13
Planning and codeing a simple game
June 14
Finish the game
June 15
Reading for today:
Chapter 8: pp 121-129
Board notes bn 16, 17
Class code set 18

Classes and OOP #1
Classes and OOP #2

June 16
Reading for today:
Chapter 8 pp: 130-135
chapter 17 pp:305-309
Board notes bn 18, 19
Class code set 17

Exam 2 Overview

Classes and OOP #2
Classes and OOP #3
Class String

June 17
Reading for today:
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Board notes bn 23, bn 21
Class code set 23, set 21

Libraries: Video

#6 June 20
Reading for today: Chapter 4 pp: 95-97
Chapter 13 pp: 207-210
Chapter 20 pp:381-389
Board notes bn 20, bn 22
Class code set20, set 20

random() vs noise()
Libraries: Sound

June 21
Work Day
Bring your computer and power adapter
June 22
Work Day
Bring your computer and power adapter
June 23
Last Day of Class
Exam 2
All Work Due
June 24