15-102 Calendar

This calendar changes frequently throughout the term and may be a day or two out of date.

Week/Day ---Monday-- -Wednesday- ---Friday-- --Saturday-
Week #1
August 24

Reading for today:
Learning Processing: pp ix through xvii
Chapter 1 pp 3 through 16
Chapter 2 pp 17 through 29
Processing API Shape 2D and Color/Setting functions

Course overview.

Homework 1 assigned and discussed

August 26

Homework 1 print due at start of class.

Reading for today:
Chapter 3 pp 31 through 38
Chapter 4 pp 45 through 54
Processing API beginShape, endShape, and curveVertex functions

Discuss your experience coding homework 1

Variables and arithmetic in Processing

Homework 2 assigned and discussed

August 28

Homework 2 due at the start of class.

Reading for today:
Chapter 14 pp 227 through 245
Processing API pushMatrix, popMatrix, box, and sphere functions

Disucss your experience coding homework 2
Working in three dimesions

Homework 3 assigned and discussed

August 29
Nothing is due today
Week #2 August 31

Homework #3 due at the start of class

Discuss your experience coding Homework #3.

If you have a portable computer. charge the battery and bring it to class

Making and maintaining your web page portfolio for the course.
Click this link
A Simple Portfolio Page for 15-102
and read the information carefully
We will show you how to make you portfolio page for the course.

Handing in your work for grading
Click this link
Building a Link to Handin
and read the information carefully
We will show you how to hand in homeworks 1, 2, and 3 and help you with any problems you have had with Processing thus far

September 2

Reading for today:
Chapter 7 pp 101 through 119

Anatomy of a function
Writing and using your own drawInitials() function
The argument/parameter relationship

Homework 4 for an early start

September 4

Reading for today
Review Chapter 7

Homework 4 assigned and discussed

September 5
Homeworks #1, 2, and 3 due in the handin folder and
your portfolilo page must be updated to show your work for Homeworks #1, 2, and 3 by 7:30 a.m.
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