15-100 Lecture 5 (Friday, September 8, 2006)

Lab Submission

Today we went over how to submit your homework. We explained how to submit your labs from one of the cmu cluster machines. The tool we use here is terminal.

Log into a cluster machine using your andrew id and password and open up terminal. The first thing we have to do is get into the handin directory. We use the cd command followed by the file path.

This will bring you into Professor Kesden's handin directory. From here we can type ls to see the folders in the handin directory. Let's assume we're turning in Lab1. Let's cd into the lab1 folder. We can also use the command pwd to show you what directory you are currently in. Now that we're in the lab1 directory, make a new directory using your andrew id as the folder name. The command for this is mkdir . For example: Now we get to actually submit the file. To copy a file we use the command: cp ~ Since we are already in the directory you want to copy to, we can replace the second filepath with a period '.' . Let's say the file is on your desktop and called HelloWorld.
  • cp ~/Desktop/HelloWorld .
  • ls should should now display the file HelloWorld
Now your lab is submitted.

15-100 Policies on Submission

As a general rule, 15-100 only supports submission from lab machines. SSH Secure Shell also works if you are interested in accessing this from your personal machine, however you will have to find out how to use this on your own or ask a friend, as we do not support it.

Another important thing to note is that drag and drop programs like finder do not work. The method they use to copy files generally results in an empty file being submitted instead. Do not use these.

If you have already submitted a file, made some changes and want to resubmit, just make a new folder in the lab# folder with a new version number. For example, gkesden.2. We will only grade the latest version.

Refer to the syllabus on the course webpage for the late submission policy