Homework 13 - Arrays, Loops, and Then Some
Due: Wednesday, March 1, 2004

Please Note

After looking the assignment over one more time -- I did decide to give you an extra couple of days. It might take a little longer than the previous ones -- so please do start early. Cheers!


This assignment is designed to introduce you to arrays as well as reinforce your understanding of Exceptions, loops, and Java, in general.

It asks you to build a Bookshelf class capable of holding a fixed number of books. The Bookshelf has a few simple behaviors, which are described below. It also asks you to developa Menu class which should contain the main() method and provide the user with a menu allowing the user to exercise all of the features of the Bookshelf class.

The Bookshelf

Each Bookshelf should allow the user to store a fixed number of books. The user can add, remove, and access books as described below.

The Menu class

The menu should provide the user with the option of creating a new Bookshelf of a user-defined size, and then of adding, removing, and printing indididual books, or of printing a list of the titles of all books wihtin the Bookshelf.

The Textbook class

You may use your prior Textbook class, or the Textbook.java that we provide.