The purpose of recitations is to present you with opportunities to go over homework problems, learn how to think through the various processes associated with the course material, etc and to take the various 10-minute quizzes and Stoichiometry Mastery Exams that are scheduled on the calendar already. Other than the Mastery Exam requirement and the contribution that quiz scores make to your grade, there is no requirement to attend recitation sections. Attendance is, however, strongly encouraged. Changing of recitation sections is discouraged for a variety of reasons among which are class size and record keeping. The recitation instructors are very knowledgeable, but like all of us, not 100% so. They are expected to be prepared for most questions but will honestly postpone answering when they are uncertain rather than mislead you and cause potential difficulties later. The recitation instructors are not substitutes for missed lectures. They cannot provide such information and should not be asked "What did I miss?" The recitation instructors are also not privy to what is on exams. This semester's recitation instructors are:

Arani Chanda

Arani is from Calcutta and received his M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. This is his second year as a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon University studying synthetic inorganic chemistry and bio-inorganic chemistry, working with Prof. Terry Collins. Listening to music of all kinds is "his passion".

  Bill Gunderson

I am from Northern Virginia, and went to Allegheny College in Meadville, PA
where I received a B.S. in Physics. I am in my first year in the Ph.D.
program and am working with Prof. Mike Hendrich doing bioinorganic

  Eddie Jones

Eddie isa third year graduate student here in the chemistry department. His
research involves the synthesis and development of novel electronics from
conducting organic polymers, with Dean McCullough (MCS) as my advisor.He is
originally from Goldsboro, NC; and his main hobbies are amateur astronomy and

  Angela Liu

I am from China, and I went to Tsinghua University in Beijing for my undergrad degree. I am starting my third year in the Ph.D. program. I like programming, and I am a computational chemist. I love reading and enjoy learning English.

  Kelly Robertson

I am a first year graduate student at CMU. I majored in chemistry at
Allegheny College in Meadville PA. I am orignially from Oakmont a small
town about 20 minutes from campus. My research interests are in

  Recitation Instructor Section Time Place  
  Eddie Jones A 8:30 PH A21  
  Angela Liu B 9:30 SH 422  
  Angela Liu C 8:30 DH 2105  
  Kelly Robertson D 9:30 PH 125B  
  Arani Chanda E 8:30 PH 226C  
  Eddie Jones F 9:30 DH 1117  
  Bill Gunderson G 8:30 BH 235B  
  Arani Chanda H 9:30 DH 2122  
  Kelly Robertson I 8:30 PH 125B  
  Bill Gunderson J 9:30 SH 224