The Textbook

Two requirements: text and "iClicker". No other materials or supplements or web resources (other than our course site on Blackboard) are required.



No textbook is perfect. This is the sixteenth year of this course and the sixth textbook selected. It is a new (6th) edition of that text, released two years ago. Previously we used Ebbing's General Chemistry (5th ed), Chang's Chemistry (5th ed), Oxtoby's Principles of Modern Chemistry (4th ed, 5th ed), and Olmsted & Williams' Chemistry (3rd ed), and Petrucci et al.General Chemistry (9th ed.). (Be aware that some rigorous course material not covered in the text will nevertheless be presented in lecture at times. See Advice.) Also required for in-class microquizzes is the remote interactive "Clicker" (pictured below). This should be brought to lecture routinely. The textbook need not be brought to lecture. The Solutions Guide and WebAssign package that are available are optional.

The clicker is available for purchase from the bookstore. Some information is available in this one-page handout.