Lecture #9
Review for Exam I
  CURMUDGEON GENERAL'S WARNING. These "slides" represent highlights from lecture and are neither complete nor meant to replace lecture. It is advised not to use these as a reliable means to replace missed lecture material. Do so at risk to healthy academic performance in 09-105.
Outline of material for Exam I.
Outline continued. Note that electronegativity is not included as a topic.
These are some of the terms highlighted during lecture indicating you need to know them.
An example we didn't cover...
Here's the figure for mercury emission with the lines under consideration.
Another example we will walk through.
Practice on the photoelectric effect and effective nuclear charges.
A baseball has a mass of 145.0 g. It can be thrown at more than 90 mph (40.0 m/s). Your eye could detect wave-like behavior of this baseball -- like "bluriness" -- if the ball's position spread over 1.0 cm (0.010 m) more than its geometric size. How well would you have to control the delivery velocity according to Heisenberg to produce such a spread; that is, 40.0 m/s plus or minus what?