Lecture #37
Start of review for Exam IV and Exam V
  CURMUDGEON GENERAL'S WARNING. These "slides" represent highlights from lecture and are neither complete nor meant to replace lecture. It is advised not to use these as a reliable means to replace missed lecture material. Do so at risk to healthy academic performance in 09-105.
The list from which questions will be drawn for Exam IV.
Continuing the list from which questions will be drawn.
Exam V, the "replacement exam" will be confined to the following topics in addition to those above for Exam IV, not necessarily covering all of them. This exam may be taken "risk free". That is, if it ends up with a lower score than any of Exam I-IV, it will be ignored.
A review problem for stimulating thought and discussion. It will take several steps to work through. It is much too long and complex to worry about as a possible exam question.
Another practice problem
And another
..on and on we go....
Rank the following six chlorobenzenes in order of expected increasing boiling points.
That's it!
If each asymmetric carbon gives you two isomers (enantiomers/chiral isomers), then two such carbons in the same molecule gives you four possible isomers. How many isomers of taxol are possible?