Grading Scheme

The final grade (see below) in this course is based on a maximum of 600 points. These are accumulated from quizzes, homework and exams according to the following scheme. Although we follow careful procedures to ensure accuracy of grading and grade recording, it is your responsibility to spot any errors by keeping a close eye on your grade record accessible through Blackboard.

  1. Quizzes (100 points maximum)
  2. Homework (100 points maximum)
  3. Exam I (100 points maximum)
  4. Exam II (100 points maximum)
  5. Exam III (100 points maximum)
  6. Exam IV (100 points maximum)

The "microquiz" scheme using the required, registered "clickers" gives you an opportunity to build up microquiz totals that provide an opportunity to drop one or two more low scores on quizzes or homework, whichever works best to your advantage.

There is no comprehensive Final Exam. The Final Exam schedule is used to present EXAM V along with EXAM IV. The former is a one-hour exam which can be used to replace the lowest of EXAMs I-IV if advantageous. Depending on what other exam obligations remain unfulfilled (Stoichiometry Mastery Exam?), you will have as much as the full three hours to devote to it. Always bear in mind that material in each exam frequently depends on having mastered previous material.

A passing grade is predicated on passing the (Stoichiometry) Mastery Exam at the 85% level or better*, regardless of performance on regular exams and quizzes. There are six opportunities to achieve this. The Mastery Exam score is not factored into the final grade other than as a "gate" to enable us to assign a letter grade as determined by performance on quizzes, homework, and exams. The Final Exam time scheduled is also used as an opportunity to offer the last (sixth) Mastery Exam to any still needing to pass it at this stage. Important: Not succeeding with the Mastery Exam means the entire course must be repeated. As the course winds down towards its conclusion, we will issue general reminders about satisfying the Mastery Exam requirement. You should not allow fulfilling this requirement to slide.

Please be aware that there are no substitute projects nor extra-credit assignments. There are no make-up opportunities.

The additional one-hour exam, Exam V, will be made available during the final exam assigned time to serve as a "replacement" exam. It is not a make-up exam because the topics will probably have nothing to do with an exam you might have missed or bombed earlier. And everyone is entitled to take the replacement EXAM V. The topics for it will be announced beforehand. This presents an excellent opportunity to boost averages by a significant amount. Notice that the three-hour final exam slot (scheduled by the Registrar and announced later) is to be used, as necessary, for the Mastery Exam VI (if needed) + Exam IV + Exam V (replacement exam, if needed/desired).



*84% is not "85% or better"