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Software for Document Printing
Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing/printing PDF files.
How to make Hard Copies of course documents.
Software for Structure Viewing
Chime Download the free Chime (browser) plug-in, v2.6 (after a simple registration).
After installing the plug-in, be sure to increase the browser memory allocation to at least 20 MB. Most of the Chime functions allow its use with Internet Explorer (>v. 5.5), however, there are still some problems with that browser.
Go to the CMU Chime Tutorial at Stingray, or at one of these two mirror sites:
1. CMU Chime Tutorial at Shamu.
2. CMU Chime Tutorial at the BioServer.
Chime 2 Viewer's Guide This PDF document summarizes the Chime 2.6 menu choices in capsule form. A hard copy will be handed out at the Chime cluster sessions.
Software for Viewing Animations & Tutorials
Chime Download the free Shockwave (browser) plug-in from Macromedia.

Chime Download the free Flash Player 7 (browser) plug-in from Macromedia.

Note: All of the CMU cluster computers have Chime, v2.6, Shockwave, and Flash MX installed as Netscape and Internet Explorer plug-ins. Go to the above sites to download this software for your personal computers.

Structure Databases
The RCSB Protein Data Bank of proteins and nucleic acids.
KLOTHO: Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database
Search Engines
Google Vivisimo
Both of these search sites yield informative links. Compare the hierarchial output of Vivisimo to that of Google using the same keywords. For example, using "water structure Chime" at each site uncovered some interesting pages that include (and then go beyond) the discussion of water in this course.

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