B10: How to see in stereo.

You can display molecules in stereo mode with Chime. This is an excellent way to get an impression of the structure of complicated molecules such as proteins and DNA. To view the molecules you need a set of stereo vision glasses which can be purchased from a number of sources. Although originally intended to be used for viewing stereo images printed on paper, they work equally well on computer screens! Especially with high resolution monitors.

To display molecules in stereo mode you should do the following:

1: You need to open the pop-up menu by moving the arrow over "MDL" in the window containing the structure and depress the RIGHT mouse button.

2: Select the following set of menu options:
Options¬Stereo Display
You should now see two molecules in the chime window. For best viewing you may need to adjust the resolution of your monitor such that the stereo images are 4 to 6 cm apart. In this example, a monitor resolution of 1024x768 seems about right. For large proteins, such as the EcoRI example in this tutorial, it may be necessary to reduce the image of the protein using the zoom command.

To remove the stereo images, simply repeat the above steps.