Examples: Immediately below the above Chime window you will see a dialog box with a button labeled 'Again' to its right. The Chime commands listed below (in magneta) are to be entered into the dialog box (followed by "enter"). The 'Again' button is used to modify the previous command (see example 1 and 2).
1: Change the background color
      background white {Changes the background to white}
      background pink {Changes the background to pink}
      background black {Changes the background to black}

2: Change Protein G to Cartoon display and color it according to secondary structure
      Select All {selects all the atoms}
      wireframe off {removes the current display}
      cartoon {draws in cartoon mode}
      color structure {changes color to secondary}

3: Color Acidic Residues Red and them change them back to cpk (the first three commands reverse example 1 and may not be necessary):
      cartoon off {cartoon off if you need to}
      wireframe 120 {Draws sticks of thickness 120}
      color cpk {Changes color back to cpk}
      Select Acidic {selects glu,asp}
      Color Red {colors them red}
      Hit the "Again" button
      Delete Red by backspacing, replace with cpk

4: Display hydrogen bonds in the helix and color them yellow:
      Select helix
      hbonds 100{draws hbonds with thickness of 100}
      color hbonds yellow {colors objects (i.e. hbonds) yellow}

5: Display Phe 30 as CPK:
      Select 30{Selects Residue 30}
      cpk{Puts a CPK surface on it}
      Note: Once you have selected a residue in this fashion, subsequent commands from the Chime pop-up menus are only applied to that residue. You can change the color of Phe30 to purple by the following train of menu commands:
Select¬Change Color To¬Purple.

6: Typing more than one command:
    You can type more than one command in the command-line by placing a ";" between each command. This is a useful feature if you want to use the "Again" button to modified a string of commands. The following example draws the peptide backbone as a Ca trace:
Select all; wireframe off; backbone 20
This example renders all Tyrosine residues with ball and stick and colors them yellow:
Select Tyr;wireframe 40;spacefill 100; color yellow

(Note:To generate a "ball & stick" image requires two commands, wireframe and spacefill).