B1: How to use Buttons.

On many Chime pages you will see little buttons:
These buttons, when pushed, will execute a script that will perform a series of Chime commands to modify the display. These scripts are usually designed by the web-page author to highlight specific features in the molecule or to change some aspect of its display. These scripts often select specific residues. This can be very useful since it is difficult to do so directly within Chime.

As an example, pressing the following button will run a script to draw just the backbone of Protein G and display the core hydrophobic residues in Spacefill mode, colored CPK.
  Core Hydrophobic Residues
  Restore Original Display

The actual series of chime commands that were run by the first script are:
select all   {select all of the atoms}
wireframe off   {turn the wireframe off}
backbone   {draw the backbone}
color chain   {color the chain using a color ramp}
select 3,5,30,43,45,52   {Select residues in the core}
spacefill   {Draw them as spacefill}
color cpk   {Change their color to CPK}

Note that the with the exception of the select statement, all of these commands are accessible from the pop-up menus.