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NOTE for the first week of class: The first time you log in at CMU Online you will be given a "Pre-Course Assessment". This 10-question quiz is designed to tell us (and to show you) how well-prepared you are for the course. Your Modern Biology (03-121) course should be sufficient background to do well on the quiz. An overview of these topics is also in Campbell, Chapter 1.
Your score on this quiz will not be included in your course record this term. Use the quiz to guide your review of previous course topics and to get acquainted with the operation of the CMU Online quiz site.
The remainder of this page describes various aspects of CMU Online use during the rest of the course.

Brief instructions for accessing quizzes:

  • You will be allowed three attempts for each quiz. Your best score will be used for calculation of a grade.
  • The URL for the Login page at CMU Online is
  • Login with your andrew ID
    [Problem with your first login? You must change your password from the one you used Freshman year before you can log into CMU Online.]
  • Your course record should appear automatically within the window, if not, hit "Student Record" in the navigation bar below the biochemistry masthead. Your record should now be displayed in the main window.
  • Use the hypertext links on the "Student Record" page to go to a quiz page. An example of a student who has taken Quiz 1 twice is shown below:

    You can also use the navigation arrows (yellow with blue border) at the top of the page to go the desired quiz topic:

    In either case, to generate a quiz hit the last line within the main window ("Click Here to generate a quiz").
  • The graded quizzes will have about five questions. Remember you have 10 mins to complete the quiz for full point value. Any time taken beyond 10 min will lead to a reduction in your grade by 20% for each additional 10 min.
  • The quizzes are "open-book". However, you are on your honor not to discuss the questions, answers, or feedback with anyone during a quiz.
  • After answering the questions, hit the "Submit Answers" button at the bottom of the quiz.
    (Internet Explorer users please note: Do not hit the "Return" or "Enter" keys during a quiz; this can have the effect of hitting the "Submit Answers" button, i.e. before you really want to submit them.)
  • You will then get a page of feedback on each question.
  • Do not go on to another quiz, or repeat the same quiz, until you have gotten a feedback page from the CMU Online system.
  • If you want to take the same quiz again, go to your "Student Record" page and select the quiz topic there. Alternatively, use the navigation bar to go to the next quiz page (but don't start that quiz); then return to the desired quiz, and hit, "Click Here to generate a quiz".
  • You can view this page of instructions at any time while you are at CMU Online. Hitting the "Schedule" link on the navigation bar will open a new browser window with the Biochemistry I home page. The "Quiz Instructions" link from the top of that page will bring you here.
  • DON'T FORGET TO LOGOUT!!! (Hit "Logout" on the navigation bar.)

Purpose of these Quizzes: These quizzes provide four important educational components to this course:
  • To enhance learning during the lecture by encouraging you to read and understand the text book beforehand (hence the reason for the bonus points).
  • To identify conceptually difficult topics before the lecture.
  • To allow for more immediate feedback of your progress in each section of the course.
  • Since all topics in this course are co-dependent, it is important to test your understanding of fundamental material from previous lectures (hence the reason for the final assessment date for each quiz).
Tips for taking On-line quizzes: All of these quizzes were designed such that they can be answered after reading   just  the text book (extra bonus points if you can't find the answer in Campbell!). To prepare for these quizzes you should read the appropriate sections from Campbell. You may find it useful to consult the lecture notes to gauge the importance of the various topics that are discussed in the text. In cases where there is no section listed from the text, a set of lecture notes will be distributed before the quiz is posted. You will find it useful to have the text with you while you take the quiz. A calculator will also be useful for some of the questions.
Unless clearly noted, all of these questions have a single correct answer and you should select the best answer for your response. As with all multiple choice questions, remember to read all of the answers before responding. This is especially important for these quizzes because the order of the answers is changed each time a question is presented. Also remember that you have a total of three attempts at these questions before becoming locked out from a quiz.
Quiz Schedule
The quiz topics and numbering follow the weekly pattern of the lecture schedule. The quiz bonus and course-credit periods will also be identical from week to week. For example, the bonus period for Quiz 2 runs from Fri. Sep. 3 at 12:00 noon to Tue. Sep. 7 at 12:00 noon (deadline extended for Labor Day); Quiz 2 can still be taken for credit until Mon. Sep. 13 at 12:00 noon.
The bonus period for Quiz 3 runs from Fri. Sep. 10 at 12:00 noon to Mon. Sep. 13 at 12:00 noon; Quiz 3 can still be taken for credit until Mon. Sep. 20 at 12:00 noon.
  etc.   etc.
In general therefore, the bonus applies to quizzes taken before a given week's lectures, and course credit will be given for quizzes taken during that week's lectures. Quizzes for previous weeks will not be available.

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