Yuanzhi Li

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Machine Learning Department at CMU (2019.9-present). Previously, I was a Postdoc in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University (2018.9-2019.8). I obtained my Ph.D. in computer science at Princeton University (2014.9-2018.8) under the advise of Sanjeev Arora and my B.S.E. in computer science and mathematics at Tsinghua University (2010.9-2014.8).

I work on Machine Learning. My goal is to designing efficient and provable algorithms for practical machine learning problems. I am also very interested in convex/non-convex optimization.


$l at andrew.cmu.edu, replace $ with my first name.


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  • ...
  • Teaching

  • ML10-725: Convex Optimization, Spring 2020 . Teacher
  • ML10-725: Convex Optimization, Fall 2020 . Teacher
  • COS423: Theory of Algorithms, Fall 2016. TA
  • COS521: Advance algorithm design, Spring 2016. TA