Xinyu Wu

xinyuwu AT cmu DOT edu

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University. I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science, especially in the application of analysis and geometry to computer science.

Here is my CV.


A log-Sobolev inequality for the multislice, with applications (pdf) (arXiv)
Yuval Filmus, Ryan O'Donnell, Xinyu Wu
      ITCS '19

Other writing

A stochastic calculus approach to the oracle separation of BQP and PH (pdf) (ECCC)

The uniform marginals lemma in "Query-to-communication lifting for BPP" (pdf)

Some talks

Escaping small sets on the boolean cube and other domains
CMU Theory Lunch, October 2018 (video) (slides)

Query-to-communication lifting for BPP (Göös, Pitassi, Watson 2017)
(with Ryan O'Donnell) CMU Theory Reading Group, April 2017 (video part 1) (part 2)