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Welcome to the Sokalski research group in the Materials Science & Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University! Our research is focused on the exploration of novel magnetic & spintronic materials. We concentrate on the development of thin films & nanoscale devices that will enable improved energy efficiency, non-volatility, and scalability to ever-decreasing dimensions. This work is made possible by the state-of-the-art nanofabrication facilities and materials characterization laboratories here at CMU along with the generous support from our sponsors.
Sokalski Group and DARPA Collaborators
MSE Back Row: Di Xiao (CMU), Vincent Sokalski (CMU), Claudia Mewes (U of Alabama), Tim Mewes (U of Alabama)
Front Row: Nisrit Pandey(CMU), Michael Kitcher (CMU), Maxwell Li (CMU), Caitlin Carnahan (CMU), Ashok Pokharel (U of Alabama), Anish Rai (U of Alabma), Arjun Sapkota (U of Alabama)
Vincent M. Sokalski
Associate Professor
Dept. of Material Science & Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
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