Solving range anxiety and increasing the adoption of EVs requires a strategically placed network of power-diverse chargers and/or swapping stations. We have developed a city-agnostic platform which receives road-map data along with rudimentary traffic flow information which is processed via our novel INCEPTS Algorithm (Infrastructure Networks for Charging EVs through Physics-based Transient Systems).
INCEPTS leverages:

(i) Carnegie Mellon's vehicle dynamics's model for accurate energy consumption estimation for a given route. The full-vehicle dynamics model uses city-specific representative drive cycles (speed v. time) which capture the driving behavior of two, three and four-wheelers over a given terrain.
(ii) Multi-physics battery pack models which accurately predict the internal states of the pack. The battery model utilizes inputs from vehicle dynamics along with ambient temperature data to precisely estimate the state-of-charge of vehicles.
(iii) Ather Energy's expertise in addressing charging grid complexities throughout India, for the incorporation of critical contextual information about deployment, installation and pricing.
(iv) Unique monetization schemes which ensure low cost of operation to the consumer, designed to encourage eventual privatization and widespread EV adoption in the long run.

We have utilized INCEPTS for New Delhi as the pilot use-case with ongoing testing for several other metropolitan areas.

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