History of Women's Ultimate @ CMU

The history of women's ultimate at Carnegie Mellon goes back almost two decades. The very first CMU women's team, Red Emma, was formed in 1988. At the time, there were less than 20 women's teams competing nation wide. When she was tired of only practicing with the men's team, captain Bonnie Jacobson helped to gather women to join her on one of the first college women's teams in the country. They went on to compete at the college championships that very first year.

Since then, there have been a variety of different women's teams at Carnegie Mellon. For the next 4 years after Red Emma was formed, Carnegie Mellon women continued to compete against growing competition. More than 10 new women's teams were formed nation wide in those first 4 years. During this time, the team went through a few name changes, one of which was Little Miss Naughty (based on the children's Little Miss and Little Mr. books, and fitting in well with the CMU men's Mr. Yuk.)

During the late 90s, while the men's team continued to grow, the women's team went through a slump. The Ultimate Players Association has no record of there being a team from 1993 until 2000, though it is our understanding that a combination of Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, and Duquesne players formed a consortium in 1998. This new team was called PDC (standing for Pittsburgh/Duquesne/Carnegie Mellon). A new and inexperienced team, PDC went on to lose nearly every game that they played in for their first four years. At the first college sectionals that they attended in 1998—a decade after Red Emma competed in its first college series—PDC only scored one point in all of their games, but had so much fun that they kept the team alive for the years to come.

Though the team wasn't very strong, they had high hopes to become a great team. They adopted the name Pansy in 2001 so that when they started beating the best teams around, their competitors would say "How did we lose to a bunch of Pansies!?" All kidding aside, the name stuck, and CMU and Pitt continued to play together for the next few years.

In the last year of their consortium, the CMU and Pitt sides of the team decided to take a break from each other. The idea was to grow their respective teams before the Ultimate Player Association (now USA Ultimate) forced them to fly solo. The Pitt women formed Danger, and CMU went back to its roots and formed Little Miss Naughty. That fall, the two teams struggled to grow, and decided to join forces once again in the spring of 2005. Together they made it to Metro East regionals, and broke seed in their final tournament together.

In the fall of 2005, the remaining 4 women players at CMU made it their mission to find new recruits in order to keep the team alive. With some hard work, lots of fun times, and a lot of luck, they were able to add 22 girls to the team's roster. Being that it was the first time since 1992 that CMU would have its own team, they decided to adopt a new name to go along with this new chapter of women's ultimate at CMU. And with that, the Money Mellons were born.

Money Mellons had a very successful first season - placing 2nd to their old partners in crime (Pittsburgh’s Danger) at Skylander in the fall, breaking seed at college sectionals in the spring, and gaining lots of experience along the way. In the last five years, we have become a larger presence in the region, competing in Ohio Valley D-1 Regionals every year. We expect to be a competitive team in the section, region, and nation in the years to come.