Rahul and Kanika
Our Wedding Story: A Brief Pictorial

We present a few pictures here out of the literally thousand plus we have. This also means this page is not exhaustive (unlike the events ;).

The wedding was a grand event, lasting several days (January 15-17,2002). The main ceremony was on the 16th (but SOMEONE left their camera with 2001 as the year - Thanks Bro!). The first day was the Sangeet (“Song and Dance”) which is meant to be a time of fun and festivities. Of course, living in a tranquil desert state, Rajasthan , we felt we had to do something outdoors. So we chose Chokhi Dhani , a recreated village, complete with sand huts, eating on the floor , etc. Of course, no one knew it would RAIN . So while the rest of the land rejoiced at having rain, we were a little down. But, we still had fun .

The next day was the main wedding (check out the pictures), with lots of little rites and rituals. And the, in the evening, was the wedding itself. There were, oh, about a thousand people there. That’s right a small, intimate wedding. The last day was the reception, which led to yet another feast. And about 1,800 guests. So, this was a once in a lifetime event. Exhausting, but still fun.

“Shut up and smile.” This was some of the better wedding advice given (“birds and bees” lectures aside). And so we did. We enjoyed the whole thing. We were told not to worry about little details. Weddings in India are colorful , large, loud, and chaotic. But we had fun.

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